Two Signs That Your Eyes Are Sensitive To Light

Photophobia is a condition where your eyes are intolerant to light.  It is easy for some people to determine whether or not they have this condition because they find that they squint or close their eyes quite a bit when they are exposed to light, or that they experience a great deal of discomfort in their optical area whenever they are near excessively bright lights.  However, there are other, more obscure symptoms of photophobia that you may be dealing with.  Use this information to learn more about the warning signs which could indicate that your eyes are sensitive to light.

You Experience Migraines

If you experience migraines, you may attribute them to excessive stress or worry.  While anxiety can certainly lead to migraines, the actual cause may be different from what you expect.

It is estimated that approximately eighty percent of people who deal with migraines have photophobia.  This is an astounding figure, considering that some of these individuals may not even realize that their intense headaches are being triggered by the lights that surround them.

To test whether or not your migraines are being triggered by bright lights, you should carefully monitor when you are experiencing the pain.  For example, does it happen when you arrive at work, where there are glaring fluorescent lights?  It could be the lights that are bringing them on.

You Experience Nausea And Lightheadedness         

Another symptom that is often linked with photophobia is nausea or lightheadedness.  The nausea is often accompanied by a feeling that you may have to vomit, or that you may even be ready to pass out.  Although there are a number of conditions that contribute to the feeling of nausea, you should not rule out the possibility that your nausea is a direct result of the fact that you are sensitive to light.

You definitely want to monitor how you feel when you enter a space with excessively bright lights.  If you begin to feel nausea, immediately move to another area where the light is not as dazzling.  If the feeling of nausea starts to retreat, it's a good sign that you are dealing with photophobia.

There are a number of excellent eye and sun glasses on the market that are specifically targeted toward people who are sensitive to light.  If you are dealing one or both of these symptoms, consider purchasing a pair right and speak with an professional optician, like those at Axon Optics, right away so you can experience some relief.