Taking Care Of Your Health While On The Road

Traveling for a job means long stretches on the road and long nights sleeping on hotel beds. Something always goes missing, especially if you are moving from hotel to hotel. As frustrating as that experience is, keeping your health needs met while away from home can be more difficult:

Medical Appointments

If you are due for a regular doctor's visit, make sure to go before you leave on your trip. You do not want to miss routine tests and procedures, but you also need to have your regular prescriptions refilled. If you have not seen your doctor recently, he may refuse to refill your medication until he examines you.

That  situation can cause a serious problem if you are on the road for weeks or months. If you do run out of a prescription that has refills left on it, you can easily get it transferred to a nearby pharmacy for convenient pickup.

If you fall ill while away on business with something minor, visiting one of the 'fast care" clinics that have sprung up in pharmacies and discount stores will probably be sufficient. The urgent care facilities at hospitals are also a good choice since they are not as expensive as going to the emergency room, which should be reserved for true emergencies anyway. You will want to call first and make certain that they take your insurance, or you can phone your provider to check.

Vision Care

If you wear glasses or contacts, you need to have both with you, preferably with spares. Glasses will break and sometimes disappear, and contacts are notorious for splitting or falling down sink drains when you need them most. If you do need to order a new pair of glasses, you can either call your optometrist and have him order you a replacement pair, or you can use your prescription to order a pair online and have it express shipped to you.

Going through your optometrist back home for replacement contacts can take days, but you can now buy contact lenses online from companies where contact lenses insurance is accepted. You can get your new lenses shipped quickly to your hotel without having to pay for them upfront and collect from your insurance company later. Buying contact lenses with insurance beats paying out of pocket. Getting your contact lenses online is the way to go.

Before you hit the road for your job, take care of all your health needs at home. If you must seek medical attention when you are away from home, follow the above suggestions to save yourself time and money. Contact a company like Stellhorn & Co. to learn more.