3 Reasons to Get Your Eyes Checked Every Year

If you're like many people, you only go to the eye doctor when you feel eye strain or that your glasses aren't strong enough to see out of anymore. Less than half of the 200 million people who wear glasses or contacts in America see their eye doctor as much as they should. If you need more motivation other than a changing prescription every few years to get you in the eye doctor's office, here are 3 reasons to upgrade your exams to once a year.

Catch vision problems sooner

Your eyes are likely to change at least a little bit during the year, whether you notice it or not. Your eye doctor can catch vision problems sooner if you see them more frequently and can correct them when the issues are small. Changes your eye doctor can discover during an annual eye exam include the following:

Photokeratitis can be especially damaging to your eyes. If you expose your orbs to sunlight for long periods at a time, you can damage your retina or the white part of your eye permanently, causing cataracts or premature aging of your eyes. Annual exams can help your eye doctor diagnose these issues and assist you in the proper care for your eyes in the sun.

Access to new eye wear 

Since your glasses or contact prescription expires every year, you cannot choose new styles and brands of eye wear once you have exceeded the time frame. Annual exams allow you access to the newest brands and styles of contacts and glasses on the market. Contacts come in a variety of comfortable styles, such as daily disposables, colored lenses, and even bifocal lenses for crisp viewing. New glasses come in stylish colors and lightweight designs, allowing you to feel trendy and comfortable at once.

Early diagnosis of other health issues

Perhaps one of the greatest things about an annual eye exam is your eye doctor's ability to discover other health issues you may not have known about that are unrelated to your eyes. The condition of the nerves in your eyes can indicate high blood pressure, and your retina and eyelids can give away signs of skin cancer or high cholesterol. Your overall health can be judged largely in part by a single eye exam, making a yearly visit to your eye doctor very beneficial to you.

You may not think you need to see the eye doctor more frequently, but there are many benefits in making an annual appointment to get your eyes checked. Even if you believe your eyes are just fine, you should see your eye doctor every year. Consider setting up an appointment for an eye exam with Naples Optical Center Inc.