Prescription Safety Glasses: 3 Ways They Can Incease Safety In The Workplace

Workplace eye injuries are very common. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, roughly 300,000 American workers visit the emergency room after suffering a work-related eye injury. The proper eye gear can help prevent over 90 percent of eye injuries that are serious in nature. However, wearing appropriate eye protection can be a bit more difficult when you need to wear prescription glasses. Luckily, safety goggles can be purchased with a prescription, and here's how they can help keep you safer at work:

Prescription Safety Glasses Will Increase Accuracy at Your Job.

It isn't uncommon for workers to not wear their prescription eyeglasses simply because they need to wear safety eyeglasses and it isn't always possible to wear them together. Depending on how severe your vision problem is, this can result in a lack of accuracy at what you're doing. Thankfully, with prescription safety glasses, you will be able to attain better accuracy without needing to compromise the safety of your eyes.

Prescription Safety Glasses Will Fit the Shape of Your Face.

By opting for prescription safety glasses, you will be able to visit an optician who can help you choose a frame that will fit the shape of your face. The problem with so many standard safety goggles in the workplace is that they do not fit properly. This leads to inadequate eye protection and many workers will eventually opt not to wear them because they aren't tight enough and are constantly falling off the grim of their nose.  Then, with glasses that are too small, workers tend to remove them because they're extremely uncomfortable.

Prescription Safety Glasses Eradicate the Need for Improperly Designed Side Shields.

While it can sometimes be possible add side shields to your regular prescription glasses or wear regular safety goggles over them, it doesn't mean that it is 100 percent safe. Side shields may not always be designed and manufactured to code as required by OSHA. This means that the shield may not be strong enough to hold up to certain projectiles, which leads to the possibility of an eye injury for you. The same can be said for the frames of regular eyeglasses.

Then, under most circumstances, over-wear is just clumsy and uncomfortable. With prescription safety glasses, your eyes will be protected all the way around. From the frame to the lenses, you can rest assured that the glasses are up to par when it comes to requirements from OSHA and protecting your eyes.

If you have corrective vision and work at a job where eye safety protection is necessary, you may want to consider speaking to your eye doctor about prescription safety glasses. Your optician will be able to help you get a pair of prescription safety glasses that will fit your face well, ensure you have accurate vision, and protect your eyes while at work. For more information, contact a company like Rx-Safety.